Teal DreamCatcher with pheasant feathers

Heart Magnetism, pulling in greater attraction through the heart space, 5 element theory, balance of fire, water, wood, metal and earth element.

Protection of sacred and hidden realms and portals. Gatekeepers and accessing permission to cross into protected realms

Pheasant medicine: Attraction, Love, Discernment of expression, timing of expression

Lizard medicine: Dreamtime, Access into realms, Perception of realities

17 inches diameter, handwoven with yarn

Teal Pheasant Tail Feathers, wooden beading, rondelle beads


دار بسرعة "SPIN"


Based on traditional designs from Moroccan wedding blankets, this pieces incorporates similar design aesthetic, cris- cross patterning, sequins and texture to give a unique and different approach to the traditional dreamcatcher structure. The white/cream coloured "Handira" is woven for weddings, decorated with metal sequins. Often women in these Berber rural towns begin creating these incredible blankets when a girl is still very young. It's a representation of rights of passage, her role in the marriage and the passing on of information from the matriarch to the younger generation. .

approx 22" diameter . Materials: yarn, wool, wooden, copper and hematite beads




Kepler 444 is an ancient solar system comprised of 5 planets which orbit their sun in 5 days. This system is dated at 11 billion years old, making it the oldest known system of terrestrial-size planets, comparative to earth, yet two and a half times older. It is 117 light years from us near the constellation Lyra


Energies this piece holds: Origins, return to traditions, merging connection to earth and opening to inter galactics, weaving in a connection to the earth as we connect and open to life on other planets and other dimensions, finding reflections of ourselves in other parts of space. .

Yarn, acryllic and wooden beading

clear quartz, blue chalcedony, sodalite, purple sodalite, jasper, dioptase

Outer Hoop: 29.5 inches
Inner Hoop 17 inches


ECLIPSE series 2


A continuation of the eclipse series theme. A play between light and shadow, and the crescent moon eclipse representing the waxing or waning of the reflection of the sun, and transitions between the new and full moons in an endless cycle.

18 inches in diameter. Handwoven with yarn




It is often through going through the shadow that we are left to find our inner strength and the grace and the ability to see the beauty in life. When we have no other choice but embrace the path we are on, even in the midst of confusion, and the absence of light. We can find grace

22 inches in diameter. Handwoven with yarn