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Hi I’m Maurice, your friendly local Shamanic Healer and Emotional Intuitive

What is it that I do?


My job is feeling and sensing blockages in people and helping them to remove them.

How does that work exactly?

Well, when you’ve been on the path for a while and you’ve studied certain modalities like branches of kinesiology, reiki and psychic development work, you begin to develop your own style of healing and psychic gifts that become your own way of reading people. You develop ways of helping them to clear out the things that they don’t need or that are stopping them in some manner. Usually it’s stuff we are blind to, or else we wouldn’t be seeking something, would we?


So what sort of things do I clear?

Pretty much anything in any area, emotional blocks, financial blocks, feeling ungrounded, stress, lack of clarity or understanding around issues. I channel information around the questions that you may have, to put things in a broader perspective, which expands you and then allows you to feel more empowered. At the end of the day, the sessions are experiential. I could try to relay what it will be like, but every person and every session is different and unique. What I will say though, is this:

Think of it like a mix of counselling, energy healing and psychic reading all rolled into one.

So by this, it means I am guided to the area we need to look at, heal or discuss, because that’s the correct and most beneficial focus point at that particular time, based on where you are currently in your life. Healing is about what is relevant and what resonates in the moment. And that’s what makes it magical.


Things I like to ask new people who make enquiries for sessions


The following questions I like to ask any person who reaches out to me for a session that hasn't worked with me before. As a practitioner it lets me know what you consider to be the reason for your session and additionally if there’s anything in particular you would like to work on, and any questions or expectations you may have. Please be as honest as you can be. There is no right or wrong answer. 😊

Have you had a healing session before? Anything from counselling to more alternative therapies? If so what experiences have you had and how did you find them?


What is it that you would like to work on?

Are you willing to look inward at where you may be creating blockages in your reality, due to belief systems and repressed emotions?

Are you open to change your view of your reality to serve you in a better way / make you a happier person? Do you feel like you are
 willing to change?

Are you willing to look at things that you may be avoiding and bring them in to your awareness so that you can make changes?





"Whenever I sense a feeling of emotional unrest and unresolved tension start to build within, I know the one thing that will help me get through it is a session (or what I like to call a spiritual healing session) with Maurice. He has a rare, calming quality that makes you feel at ease and relaxed, even when there is a storm building inside you. For those that have met him, you know exactly what I am talking about. Maurice is innately spiritual and uses his natural intuit to pick up on your energy vibration and help shift it to where it needs to be. Kind of like lifting a heavy weight off your shoulders. Maurice, I can't thank you enough for all that you have done to help heal my soul and guide me back onto a good and healthy path."

          - Julie E


"Hi Maurice, Just wanted to thank you quickly again for the healing. Hasn't helped my insomnia much but I just had 2.5 hours of ridiculously deep sleep! And feeling quite connected. Hopefully can carry this on. For now, all the best. :)- Ash"

         - Ashley P


( Update from Ashley):

"a couple of weeks on and the insomnia is pretty well gone now last night was the worst nights sleep ive had, bar jetlag, and i still got 5 hours even though i knew i had a stressful day today!"


"Maurice opened my eyes to a new way of seeing the world. He helped me to start to clear away the things that were holding me back and disconnecting me from my true self. Maurice does what he does because he genuinely wants to help people. He's generous and intuitive.

          - Tim C


"Hi Gorgeous,Just want to let you know what an amazing healer you are... On the physical, your energetic work unblocked & removed soooooo much that was sitting in my neck, shoulders & sacrum.On the emotional & spiritual level, the work triggered the tears & awakened my consciousness re- survivor mentality, enabling me to acknowledge, look deeply within at old program's that are no longer valid, that continued to set up experiences where I would be in fear & play the victim role/ feeling unworthy etc. I feel like I have just awoken from a hazy dream. Thank you so much Honey, you truly are a Godsend & I feel very blessed to have you in my life.Sending you BIG LOVE & DEEP GRATITUDE <3 xxx"

          - Kerrie Sheridan

"Maurice has that rare ability where he is able to be incredibly psychic but also respectful and empowering in his healing sessions. I have found his energetic healings profoundly deep and would recommend them to anybody serious about growth but also to those that are struggling with life challenges. Also, his readings had also been extremely helpful to me and those friends that I have recommended him to."
          - Igor Vasilevitsky
"Maurice is an open and welcoming man. He has the innate ability to hone in on a client's issues, and the intuitive skill to select and apply a variety of therapies to support their healing process.
Thanks Maurice for your focused care and support!"
           - Adam W
"During my journey of spiritual growth and awakening, there came certain points of time that I felt a little lost, discouraged and disconnected. This is until I met Maurice. After just one session of shamanic healing and clearing with Maurice I could feel the dense energy that was no longer serving me lift.
Thank you so much Maurice for your time and talents in helping me to become clearer and more confident. I look forward to our next session"
           - Emma Leigh-Sims
"Maurice always feels like a warm and gentle reminder. Often reminding me of strength long forgotten. A gentle and gifted healer."
           - Laura Gatti
"I'm not sure exactly what to say about Maurice. i have had a number of sessions now with him, and have been quite awed by his amazing ability to get to the source of the issue and clear the energies that are affected. Even our phone appointments have been tremendous. I highly reccomend The Disconnect Healing Space, and the work of Maurice."
           - Miranda Grealy
"Maurice is an intuitive shamanic healer. I highly recommend a session with him for a healing and or reading. He will help you to understand and shift outdated belief systems and energy that no longer serves on any level of your being. I am always grateful to receiving his words of wisdom."
           - Emily Kisvada
"Thank you so much Maurice. I don't often write reviews, but I feel absolutely greatful for the healing I received today. I feel incredibly lighter on all levels. You are truley gifted. I will be recommending you to others. Many thanks again!"
           - Giovanna Marino
"Maurice is a multi-faceted Shamanic Healer with an exceptional gift!
He is one of the most grounded, knowlegable and energetic guru’s that I have ever met to date! Definitely by far the BEST healer I have ever had the privelige to work with. I highly recommend him to everyone!"
           - Kaliopi @ Readings By Kaliopi
"Thankyou so much Maurice for being such an authentic and knowledgeable practitioner and assisting me to understand my healing journey as well and empower me so I can leave your space feeling safe and ready to face the world!
I would highly recommend Maurice as a Shamanic healer, teacher and incredible masculine space holder."
           - Renée McCready
"Maurice really listens and tunes in one's soul . He offers a safe space to heal and process .He has a gentle energy with a powerful abilities and skills. I also love the vibrational flower essences he creates."
           - Huey St CLaire
"I had an amazing spiritual cleansing and got some answers to some deep questions I always wanted to know but not once did I ask. Truly blessed to have experienced this and yes I will be back again."
           - Daniel Burr
"Thankyou Maurice Katting for my healing session You are amazing? So gifted and blessed ."
           - Mary Panagopoulos
"I think you are an incredible healer, I can walk on my foot, amazing thanks soooo much. Seriously no pain whatsoever"
           - Debra
"I found your session very empowering and helpful thank you. The best thing of all that I have noticed is that I'm sleeping much better. The other difference that I have noticed is that I'm able to move around much easier. I'd also like to add that I could tell you are working very hard the whole session which I find some healers do not."
           - Declan
"I had a couple of healing and coaching sessions with Maurice. I went in with a completely open mind. I felt incredibly safe and nurtured as Maurice did his thing. Maurice is so accurate, I always left his session feeling uplifted and empowered!! I guess you don’t know until you try, I will be returning as it was just the most amazing experience, also felt supported. Thank you so much for clearing my old programs and guiding me onto the right path x"
           - Bonita
"Maurice has been been an extraordinary facilitator for my transformation. He has been facilitating shamanic sessions for me for more than a year and the achievements I witnessed and experienced thanks to his healing abilities have been outstanding. Incredibly highly recommended"
           - Sonia Bellucci
"Maurice is professional and thorough. I have found his work to be really precise and have always felt clearer and happier following the sessions I have had with him. I am very grateful for his work"
           - Pep M
"Maurice has been particularly helpful with spirit connected answers to my burning business questions. Whilst his core skills apply to shamanic healing, he has also proven to be a strong sounding board for decision making blocks, providing just the right intuitive insight to move forward"
           - Suzy Lee
"Maurice’s depth of knowledge and passion for what he does is clear from the outset. He is a talented and skilled practitioner with a keen understanding of the greater world and our role in it'
           - Christopher McGrath
"Always a place of rejuvenation and repair in a safe , nurturing environment"
           - Daniel Gale
"Simply Amazing"
           - Ari Sciacca
"My number one choice for my healing needs. Maurice is professional and patient. Reasonably priced and beautifully set up room. Would recommend"
           - Olivia MacPherson
"OMG!!! Where do I start??? Maurice is a God sent human with an amazing gift and a beautiful soul. He was spot on with everything that he said and also gave me insight in moving forward. It’s the best reading that I’ve ever had and will be recommending him to everyone I know"
           - Katerina Kapellaki
"A true healer and Magick Man. The depths of healing and realisation in a session with Maurice is something you cannot put into words. I will say that if you’re looking for real healing or to peel away the false layers of this existence and step back into the real you then you have come to the right person. You’ll never look back."
           - Cassie
"Hi Maurice, I just wanted to check in & hope you’re doing ok during this lockdown. I also wanted to say that I’m so grateful I was introduced to you & your healings. I had no idea of the fogginess I was experiencing until our first session was over. The clarity I feel now is so good. The nightmares have also stopped & I have never slept so well. Thank you so much! I can’t wait for our next session."
           - Cici
"OMG I cannot recommend you highly enough!! You are one of a kind amazing. Truely intuitive, caring and supportive.. You held space for me many times and I'm incredibly grateful. I still recall my very first healing session with you (and there were many)....Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul x."
           - Miranda Simpson
"I had Maurice come by and do a house clearing for our family. We had bought it a couple of years prior and the house was previously an older persons home for a very long time. The type of home with really out there wallpaper, etc. I felt like the place wasn’t balanced and my kids had been having some weird dreams and things just felt out of whack. I wasn’t sure if it was a sign to move but Deep down I wanted to stay, I loved the energy outside the house. Maurice came by and saged the inside of the house. He seated himself in the kitchen and arranged his gatherings to start the clearing. It was an honour to watch him perform the ceremony. He cleared some old stagnant energy and mentioned there was a soul that needed to be moved on but not the previous owner. It would be some days later I started to feel more at home inside the house, despite the cosmetic look of it. The whole family was more relaxed and felt good to come home to our house. Whatever he did made a difference and I can vouch for this as I’ve done energy work myself and can pick up on things quite a bit. I’m thankful I engaged Maurice as it really set us up for the long term. We are still here many years later."
           - Deb Parfitt


Please note: all listed modalities are available by phone / skype etc also

REIKI HEALING - $130 Per Hour


ENERGY HEALING - $130 Per Hour



HOUSE CLEARINGS - $300 - $750 ( depending on severity ) 

Text 0403 837 690 to book your appointment

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My journey, probably like yours, has not been a straight line of progression. I've been in and out, up and down, back and forth, backwards around. 

As a child I wanted to be a priest or a magician.

In my teens had a strong passion for alternative thinking, voracious appetite for the "new age" section of the bookstore, and would secretly play with tarot cards and read up on astrology, cause if I brought books to school, then the kids would say that it was too weird.

In my twenties, I became obsessed with orgonite, early day internet forums on the illuminati and trying to work out who was running the world. Meanwhile I worked a corporate admin job, and would perform at open mics over neo soul beats and try to produce original material. 

At thirty, like many, I had my saturn return, and when the light switched on, and I started to see the world in a different way, I wanted more and more of whatever that was. 'That' being that thing that made me feel different in an instant about a situation. Greater clarity and insight into my behaviour, the way I related to myself and others, the ability to clear and release old blocked emotions, that feeling of expansion and freedom and having a direct cable connection to the creator, my higher self and being able to ask questions and get answers. 

How empowering is that? You mean to tell me this ability has always existed and I'm only starting to grasp the basics of this thing called spirituality now? 

So every season from then on brought change, and with those changes and challenges, it also brought deeper awareness and insight, and therefore ultimately growth. A layering of integration through experience and much more heightened awareness and understanding from living life in awareness. If you start to live in that space of witnessing, then all you need is time. Mastery, which we are all working towards, consciously or not, is inevitable, whether in this life or the next.

I absorbed and learnt all that I could, studied a plethora of modalities from massage, reiki, kinergetics, first aid for emotional trauma, emotional freedom technique, RESET of the TMJ, psychic development, to the point where I started to form my own 'syllabus' ( if you will) of things I wished to focus my learning on, creating my own essences, working with ritual, initiating light language, droping deeper into trance healing and aspects of core shamanism, channeling insights and sharing my writing and ideas with more people, expressing my creativity through the age old practice of weaving and creating dreamcatchers, weavers, medicine wheels and Ojo de dios, using sound healing and different shamanic tools in my practice, trusting the information coming through at deeper levels, clearing contracts, entities, attachments, spaces, helping people to ground deeper into themselves to the point where their life long anxiety would disappear and they too would start to get excited and want more of whatever that was. I know there's still so much more to discover and develop. And that's exciting to me and definitely worth sticking around for.



The art of weaving is global and found in many cultures. Weaving as an artform allows me to express concept, narrative and spiritual elements to the holder and the observer of the work, providing a gateway through the sheer enjoyment of the aesthetic of the piece to allow the beholder to sit with the resonance of the piece, and also work with it as a sigil or a tool. I provide custom design pieces that allow you to collaborate me with on a design for your space with the concept in mind. I also create pieces for stockists to sell in their stores, markets and businesses. Please contact me to discuss what you have in mind in our contact form.


For more information visit my other site 

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